In the beginning it was the verse. Rosalía de Castro

It inaugurates  in the Foundation Barrié of Vigo the exhibition that conmemora the 150 anniversary of the publication of ‘Sang Galician’ in the printing of Juan Copañel in the Real street of Vigo. It was on 17 May 1863, a date that was chosen besides to celebrate the Day of the Letters by his cultural and historical importance, since this work opens the process that gave  in calling Resurgimento of the literature and of the Galician culture. The exhibition, titled, ‘In the principle was the verse. Rosalía de Castro’ is curated by the designer and researcher Xosé Barro.

The publication of ‘Sang Galician’ was the event that marked for ever never, according to Anxo Fishes, “the start of a project of dignity, of a way shared, of a hope of advance for our village that was us modelando and brought us until here”. “This fact was not a war neither a discovery but a book” published in Vigo and whose author, Rosalía de Castro, would turn into ours national poet, affirmed Work.

In this sample explains  the context in which it publishes  ‘Sing’, the democratic and progressive circles of Vigo around the newspaper ‘The Olive’ and the protagonists of the milestone: Juan Compañel (editor), the brothers Alejandro and Eduardo Chao (ideologists and politicians), José Ramón Fernández (mecenas), Manuel Murguía (the intellectual leader) and Rosalía de Castro (the exceptional author).

The sample mixes the exhibition of singular documents, photographies, objects, pieces of furniture, works of art and audiovisual settings, to achieve that the sample interest by the same to a scholarly and popular public. It occupies the two rooms of the building and  vertebra in eight thematic spaces:
1. The Rose and the Olive. Think Galicia in the city of Vigo: Rosalía, Murguía and the friends of Vigo.
2. Of the folklore to the national literature. In you sang them popular are our classical.
3. The first singing: you Sang Galicians.
4. Vigo, publishing capital. Of Compañel to the 21st century.
5. A cultural factory. The family Of Castro-Murguía.
6. The parents of the country. Rosalía and Murguía conform the country that are.
7. Rosalía, Galician intellectual woman. Voices and images in an audiovisual projection around the historical portrait of Rosalía by Modesto Brocos.
8. Woman flag. Milestones, documents and objects of a process of mitificación.

Parallel activities

In parallel to the exhibition, the Foundation Barrié will program a complete educational program, free for the public, composed by visits guided, summer camps for boys, and didactic workshops for families and for groups. The reservations will be able to effect in the telephone 986 110 220. The didactic dossiers will be able to consult in

To exhibition is organised by the Foundation Rosalía de Castro, the Galician Royal Academy, the Foundation Barrié and the University of Vigo; and it has the sponsorship of the Board of Galicia and the City council of Vigo, and with the collaboration of the Consortium of the Frank Zone of Vigo.

150 anniversary of Sang Galicians

With this exhibition continue the acts and celebrations of the 150 anniversary of the publication to Sing Galicians. The Foundation Rosalía, the RAG and the University of Vigo, having the support of the Galician Government and of other entities, is to celebrate this ephemeris with diverse activities (exhibitions, cycles of conferences, concerts, publications, events on foot of street, etc.) to realise in all Galicia, and with the pretence that they have reply in several places of the world. Also many other institutions, like the AELG or the Council of the Galician Culture, in addition to multiple associations and city councils, celebrate multiple acts in memory of the 150 years of Sang Galicians.

Reinauguration Of the House of Rosalía

Further of the activities, in December have reinaugurar the House of Rosalía. Now even already they are finished the works of advance of the conditions of conservation and accessibility, realised with bottoms FEDER through the Xunta de Galicia, and in brief will attack the renewal of the munseum activity project.

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