ElCASC · Dossier of results. Villena 2013

elcasc is a sociocultural renewal project  set in Villena, Spain, which aims to investigate and transform aspects of the historic city centre’s social and urban fabric. Over the course of 10 days in the summer of 2013, from july 29th to august 8th,  a 200-strong multi-disciplinary group of students and young professionals from around the world will descend upon the town and work together to devise and deliver a series of low-cost architectural, artistic and cultural interventions that draw on and celebrate the city’s local heritage and socio-cultural patterns.

elcasc is a new model for working with existing urban and spatial structures that tests the immediate impact of a set of ephemeral responses to local issues. This combined professional-academic model tries to accelerate lengthy urban regeneration processes by bringing together and better coordinating all those involved in it. Its intention is to emphasise the responsibility and capacity of citizens to participate in and bring about positive change to their cities.

The pilot elcasc project begins by investigating current issues relating to Villena’s historic town centre. Participants will develop an awareness of city’s local characteristics, heritage, community and the possibilities for its regeneration. The ambition is to work towards creating a practical and direct user’s guide with the intervention tools (Special Plan for the Villena’s  Historical Centre Protection) and set of some reference examples.

All objectives of elcasc will be accomplished in a creative, academic and playful environment that both participants and the local community can learn and benefit from. The work undertaken will be practical, hands-on and highly contextual. Participants will gain experience of designing and fully realising a project on site along with the challenges associated with this.

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