The Hybrid Carpets, Infrastructure and Mobility

“The mobility is the key of the planning, so much from the social point of view, since organizationally. The mobility is not alone related to ways and roads, but with the displacement in general, that concerns a fragmented and mobile community. The ways form a part of the essential physical infrastructure of the community”.

Uppercase. Peter and Alison Smithson. 1960

Georges Candilis, Alexis Josic and Shadrach Woods. Open university of Berlin 1964-1979 |


In the sixties, there was understood that if a building wanted to be obtained by his fullly integrated functions, it had to internalize also the traffics and the infrastructures. The plannings, which were stopping out of the volumes construct the routes, streets and walks you, they were losing the character of the only organism that was claimed for the city. In those years, the sufficient importance was granted to the traffic and the transport, in order that his integration had to be considered to be indispensable as one more subsystem inside the set of uses.


Javier Mozas. Usos Mexclados. Un recorrido histórico. (extracto)

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