The public space like ideology. Manuel Delgado

If town planners, architects and designers can conceive the public space as an emptiness between constructions that it is necessary to fill with form adapted to the promoters’ aims and authorities, that is to say, as a complement for urban development operations, there exists another speech in which this concept is understood as the accomplishment of an ideological value.

The public space is at the time the place in which diverse abstract categories materialize as democracy, citizenship, conviviality, public-spirit, consensus, etc., and for the one that would want to see to travel to a tidy mass of free and equal beings who use these space to be going and to come of working or of consuming and who, in his free moments, walk unconcerned along a paradise of comity.

Nevertheless, as Manuel Delgado affirms on having analyzed this dream of a public made space of dialog and concord, this one is ruined in all that there appear the external signs of a company which raw material is the inequality and the failure.

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