The right to a ceiling

In Guatemala more than one million and a half families do not have access to a suitable and healthy housing. Architecture Sen Fronteiras Galicia works of the hand of his counterparts ASIAPRODI and FODHAP to promote, under the philosophy of the social production of housing, the right to a worthy home for the most impoverished persons.

In November, 2015 three voluntary persons of the ONGD AGARESO (Association Solidary Galega de Reporteiros) moved up to the south coast of Guatemala, where ASF operates on Galicia, to roll the documentary “The right to a ceiling” that centres his attention not only on the work of ASF and his partners on the country, if not in the porqué of this situation, contextualizando a complex reality, and supporting the idea of the housing not as a goods, if not as a right.

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