Buildings for Users’ Departments in Rianxo | Jose Jorge Santos+Angel Cid

The aim of this project was to provide to I carry of Rianxo of 70 new departments destined for the storage of the own utensils of the fishing activity. The location foreseen for it is a wide esplanade of the port, placed zone later of Rianxo’s urban core, in the prolongation towards the South of his waterfront.

It is a question of a zone little consolidated in that they have been constructed in a rather dispersed way, an Audience, the Strap, buildings for Departments and some ship for repair of ships. Also there are buildings of housings, but they are located in the hillside placed to the bottom of the esplanade.

This orographical particularity determines of important way the assembly with the urban fabric, and a dominant configuration imposes to this area in sense North South.

Though the implantation was from the beginning determined by the requirements of the Promoter, at our project we have been thinking about being employed important on the idea of completing the “coastal front”. It is a question therefore of 4 buildings that they constitute an alignment arranged opposite to the sea, which in addition they possess a semi-industrial clearly recognizable identity.

Inside the limitations that there determines a construction of low cost, this identity is supported in two specially singular aspects. One of them is the way of introducing natural light in a place of storage that so much for functional questions since of safety they have to be necessarily closed.

A bucket of sheet and crystal located on the access of every department, it is simultaneously lucernario, element, and identifying of natural ventilation of every store.

Another question to standing out is the own skin of closing of the buildings. From the request of the Promoter of finding a solution that the grafiti avoids on the closings, a closing mesh has been constructed deployé of steel galvanized on a factory of block of concrete.

The permeability of the mesh deployé, the separation with regard to the block and the difference of color between the red intense closing of block and the gray veladura of the metallic mesh, they allow a skin that changes his appearance according to the perspective, and the incident of the light according to the moment of the day or of the year.

Work: Buildings for Users’ Departments in Rianxo

Location: Porto de Rianxo, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Authors: Ángel Cid and Jose Santos.

Collaborators: Silvia Diz, Marta Fernández, Maite Gómez, Clara Miguélez, Cristina Simón, Cristina Sánchez, architects. GAIA Enxeñería, Facilities. Miguel Nouche, Draughtsman.

Date: 2006/2008

Direction of work: Jorge Alvarez, Portos de Galicia

Promoter: Portos de Galicia

Construction company: Acciona

Budget: 2.458.326€

Superface: 5.933 m2

Photography: Xurxo Lobato

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