Vello Cárcere Building. Rehabilitation of the former jail in Lugo for cultural center | CREUSeCARRASCO

To take advantage of the idea of opening to the public of a jail, cellular space and to discipline, subverting the beginning of vigilance and custody in beginning of search, sample and appreciation of cultural and social values.

Edificio Vello Várcere. Rehabilitación de la antigua cárcel de Lugo para centro cultural CREUSeCARRASCO o10

Propossing an opened compartimentación, working each of the spaces in a flexible way with degrees of opening and of intervention related to the uses. Observation, dialog and interaction like new premises and qualities for a few spaces that, in this building, in his contrast with the original ones of control and safety, they acquire a force comunicadora and expressive only. The interpretation of the building under this optics allows to intervene in the Building of the Antigua Jail almost without touching it, taking advantage of it entirely, recovering part of his original condition, conceived now as itinerary of relation, experimentation, information and exchange, between polyvalent spaces dedicated to the art and to the culture with many possibilities of tour, stop, short-cut and crossed vision. This one is the identity of the set that places it as a singular equipment in the context of the European Union and that is implicit in his recovery as image of reference of an urban environment that must be clearer and free: observatory of the city.

Changing this criterion of acceptance and putting into value of the cellular space in case of the Former Building of Services of the jail (later module) and into the Judicial Building (today headquarters of the City police and module of access), where the successive transformations suffered in his interior lead to a deeper and structural intervention that it allows, in the first case, supporting his volume, to distribute it in an unitary way for use of the service of archaeology, and in the second one, supporting his fronts, to turn it into the principal space of reception, placing in the uses mas public of documentation and information, audience and, in his cover, with a vision of the wall and of the city, the space of interpretation of the gastronomy.

Using the great value that takes the emptiness as space of rest and memory, so much of the visual axes and of tour that they cross the building, since of the courts and enclosure perimetral, concibiendo his set as a network infrastructure constructed with the same texture that multiplies the possibilities of access, it allows different sectorizaciones that can manage to include different uses, and at the same time, to provide with independence, not only to each of the buildings, but also to the principal spaces of collective use since they are the audience, library, terrace – restaurant, room of multiple uses, rooms of seminars or cinema; all of them, somehow, with exterior projection and links, with the city.

Finally, to propossing a joint arrangement of this part of the city, marking the pedestrian preference of the area by means of the conception of the street Anxo Lopez as boulevard / wooded walk, the offer of unification of stony pavement in the space I half-close of the jail and of the bus station and the treatment with land compacted in the square in the search of an action taken care of cleanliness of elements, interpreting the historical image of the space of relation between the jail and the door of the wall (Left Bishop), returning protagonism to the trees as spatial definers, so much in the environment of the street Grove Freire as in the offer of continuity of the boulevard.

Work: Vello Cárcere Building. Rehabilitation of the former jail in Lugo for cultural center
Architects: Juan Creus and Covadonga Carrasco. CREUSeCARRASCO
Collaborators: Belén Salgado, Bárbara Mesquita, Laura Coladas, Nuria Casais, Cristina Canto, Elisa Moreira, Celsa Pesqueira, Sara Escudero, Alicia Balbás, Elena Junquera.
Félix Suárez (structure / Directorate for execution)
Isabel Francos (engineer)
José Luís García (measurement)
Francisco Hervés (archaeology)
Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz
Promoter: Lugo Town Council
Location: Lugo, Galicia, España
Project date: October, 2009 / Completion: March, 2017
Useful floor area: 2725,85m² / Exterior floor area: 1060,15m² / Built floor area: 3766,11m²
Award: 1 º Prize contest of ideas
Construction management: CREUSeCARRASCO
Building Company: San José
Construction foreman: Beatriz Rey / Jesús Longarela / Ana Alvela

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