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In the polygon of Coast Vella, in the proximities of Santiago de Compostela, there was given to us the opportunity to design an office block and stores, with representative character in a plot which dimensions, urban development limitations and topographic conditions had to be saved to give cavity to an ambitious program.

The final raised solution looks for the decrease of the visual impact of the building, having in it counts both the geometric particularity of the plot and the topography of the same one, raising three volumes on low, seated on a base that one is adapting to the existing topography, reproducing the level curves. The set is completed by the interior urbanization, where escalonamiento of walls, platforms, ramps and landscape painting it minimizes the visual impact that the basements might acquire with so much difference.

On one hand, the division in volumes answers to the evolution of the program for which initially was appearing a clear division of modalities of rent with the only access. On the other hand, without resorting to systems with high degree of acristalamiento, one has sought to maximize the surface of front to improve the utilization of the natural light.

The high plants of the building, with front both to the access and to the surrounding they devote themselves to offices, as well as part of the first semibasement. From these, there are had a sight favoured on the city and his accesses, and at the same time, his position gives them a degree of representation raised. As for the low plants, they devote themselves to space of representative storage, and parkings.

In the phase of design and construction, special care has been had in the comfort of the future users and the energetic saving. The surrounding one has been reinforced to diminish to the maximum the losses, and the structure of concrete is kept at sight in the ceilings to allow the profit of his inertia.

In spite of being only a space container, there are no minusvalorado the details of the common zones that have been finished off, and especially, there have been made foreseen the facilities that allow an immediate entry of the users. For it, there has been designed an installation of ACS’s production, heat and cold with geothermal vertical capture. With this system, the energetic saving is favored and at the same time one helps to improve the environment already saturated by the traffic and the near industries.

Work: Office block and stores Quercus IP

Author: Antonio Freire + Emmanuel Vincent [Freire and Vincent Arquitectos S.L.P.]

Promoter: Inmobiliaria de Puentes y Calzadas S.L.

Year: 2007-2010

Location Polígono de Costa Vella [Santiago de Compostela], A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Photographies: Freire y Vincent Arquitectos S.L.P.


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