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The present Project, consists of the construction of an office block, developed in basement, low and high plant. Bases of departure for the performance of the project are, mostly, those of to create an element of reference within the industrial estate, a comfortable and quality workspace environmental, while he should be one shows of the product that the factory promotes.

The open rock and the fractured mountain that is shown in the stonemasons of granite of Or Porriño, are the starting point and the reference of the project. The building is consolidated as two big granitic solids whites, that stand out of the field and in which the long ones veto blacks set up entrances of light, sewn and related via a great core head office where the red granite ruby and it vetoes her black are mixed and they confuse.

The granite is consolidated such as a main element and the front trasventilada as the constructive system for fronts. The central body, concentrador of communications, the expressive element of the group becomes. Department stores glazed with darkened glass of protection plot and the appeased ones with black granite Zimbabwe constitute the outside skin, that is covered partially with lamas of granite red ruby. Is expected to achieve the tamización of the light that enters in the group, to avoid the greenhouse effect and to shape the body representing the group.

In the lateral bodies of Iberian white granite is distributed the rest of the programme, dividing according to programmatic needs and shaping rotund volumes that are mixed and they overlap. They emphasise especially the exhibition zone in the area of main access in first floor and the directorial volume and meetings, that flies in a hunky and opaque way towards the front of entrance to open to the terrace that the factory shows. Have been carried out also designs of the elements of urbanisation, close and control of the piece of land.

The piece of land to be built is of industrial use within the industrial estate of To Granxa. The piece of land has square way, and without pending appreciable. Accesses to the same one are carried out by way of frontage roads of the industrial park. This same piece of land has a compared to a vial of internal service of the industrial park and another a vial from internal service.

The object of the project present is the construction of an office block. Taking into account the location, characteristics of the field and needs posed by the property, has been projected an edification of Basement Plant, Baja and Registration, with the following distribution:

Plant Basement: a store, a general archive of service for the building, a boiler room, a parking lot for private use with an outside access ramp, and a staircase of access to first floor.

First Floor: an exhibition hall as showcase for muestrario of the product, a classroom for conferences, a store, a room of telecommunications and office automation, a technical branch, some cleanlinesses, with an office annexe, a counter of expeditions, a staff, a branch of the director’s of factory, some conference rooms and agents, a reception and a staircase of access to plant first.

Plant First: it is of administrative use and it has some branches of staff, treasury, agents, for administrative and commercial director, a staff of administration and agent, two placement rooms, an office, the directorial office, the branch of the Managing Director, a cleanliness, a room of festivals, a room for the advice, a waiting room and a terrace.

Work: Office block of Granites Ibericos

Authors: Muiños+Carballo architects

Year: 2002-2003

Location: Polígono de “A Granxa”. O Porriño.

Memory: Pablo Muiños – Maria Jesus Carballo

Photografy: Pablo Muiños – Maria Jesus Carballo


+ prize

· Great Prize of Area to the contribution to the architecture of the COAG of Vigo

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