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The urban challenge of the project of this Echo neighborhood consists of re-stirring into action principally an area disconnected of the rest of the city by the impressive presence of the cemetery Parisien de Ivry. The project is approached as an authentic process of urban sewing, between a great set of housings to the north of the lot, and the extension of small one-family housings in the southern part.

This meticulous work tries to preserve the spirit of the small existing buildings of the zone, proposing simultaneously a reflection on the densification and the urban compactness.

The result of the study of the lines of force of the next urban area, it indicates the need to create a permeability in the center of the set and to avoid at any expense the predictable hardening of buildings of certain height in alienation to the street, as the Local Plan of Urbanism praises.

The implantation of the buildings along the Rue Carnot, will encourage by means of a series of urban windows the environment, connecting the Echo Neighborhood with the cemetery and exploiting in turn the potential of this one as green lung.

After a process of conciliation and consultation with the services of the Town hall, the social agents and the inhabitants, we have proposed a public space in the center of the apple, articulated concerning a pedestrian street este/oeste and a passage north / south.

This structuring intervention to urban and human scale, recreates in the northern part a connection with Kremelin-Bicêtre’s bordering municipality, and re-ties the offer with the neighborhoods of Ivry-sur-Seine’s west. Definitively, the urban device that revalues the offer is the public space, which works in this project as interchanger and element of fundamental relation between the different buildings.

To promote the social cohesion between the new inhabitants and the existing neighbors of the neighborhood have carried out a series of shared gardens that divide from the square also proposed. To have to just annotated the different ecosystems that compose the project a landscape intervention has realized in “pleine terre” that works as interface between the private shared spaces and the public space.

The project places inside the association of urban projects PUP, has obtained the certificate environmental HQE and Qualitel HPE, BBC 2005.

Work: Eco-Quartier Carnot-Verollot (I) in Ivry-sur-Seine
Programa: 254 Houses(116 social housings), social residence for hard-working young persons of 183 studies, 160m2 public equipment, creation of a pedestrian street, a square and an urban garden.
Location: 59 Verollot St, Ivry sur Seine, Île de France, Paris, France
Client: Altarea Cogedim – Expansiel Promotion – Valophis Habitat – Ville et vie
Authors: Architects – ARCHIKUBIK (Carmen Santana, Marc Chalamanch, Miquel Lacasta), Landscape – ARCHIKUBIK and Compagnie du Paysage, Direction of executive work – IC21, Economist – IC21 – MEBI, Environmental way engineering – EPDC
Total surface: 23.270m2 constructed
Total cost acts: 32,5M Euros
Constructed surface Phase 1: 5.650m2
Environmental stamp HQE®
Ending of the first phase: 2014
The second phase: in construction
Photography: Benoit Fougeiro

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