e-struc, a new tool of support for calculation of simple structures

E-Struc is an application online that it provides with structural and constructive solutions for interventions in buildings mincingly with his structure and for new simple structures. It works online in any device with access to Internet.


It is an ideal tool for all the professionals of the construction: Architects, Riggers, Engineers of Building, Builders, Interioristas and Technical specialized Offices, which it offers immediate solutions for the construction of simple or modular elements for rehabilitation, intervention or new execution of buildings.


E-Struc calculates, in a few minutes, any structural simple element, as girders, cerchas, porticoes, stairs, reinforcements of forged, retyres, shoes and other structures of concrete, steel and wood. The tool also can be used to do surveys of existing structures.

Instructions for use:

With the key data of geometry and constructive composition that the user completes on the screen, the system provides the results, firstly in the own interface of use and in three downloadable files:

Memory of calculation, with the information of loads, solicitations and checkings of the calculated piece.

Constructive memory, in which there are described the constructive process and the conditions of the work.

Planes of the structural element, in dxf, with the solution and the details to scale.

These files can form a part of the memory of the project and of the planes of the project of execution of the work.

If the user wants to re-calculate the element with other conditions, it can touch the button “Modify”, in the low part of the screen, and they can change the introduced information and return to realize the calculation so often since be wished.

The application is developed in conformity with the in force regulation, and gets up-to-date with every change of regulation.

To use e-struc does not do lacking specialization in calculation of structures. With knowledge of construction there can be solved 15 minutes a structural and constructive calculation of way it is necessary and trustworthy, following the steps that the tool proposes.

It needs a minimal introduction of information. The introduction of information is realized across correlative eyelashes in those who are requesting him the information of location, geometry, sections of the pieces, materials, use and environment. It is not necessary to complete all the information, but only the principal ones marked with asterisk and, optionally, those that the user considers to be a condition, or that knows, as width or singing of the piece, type of material or characteristics of the environment, between others, but not either parameters of calculation, coefficients or mechanical characteristics of the materials or areas.

It is an application of simple use. The introduction of the information in the cabins of the successive eyelashes of the interface is very intuitive and easy for a technician with basic knowledge of construction. E-Struc is an indispensable tool for the previous consultation of constructive problems, for the survey of constructed structures or for the design, since it allows to realize successive comparisons on the same constructive element up to reaching the wished solution. In addition it supplies the whole basic and complementary documentation, with the justification of the applicable regulation for his construction.

It offers assistance to the user. Besides the option “Frequent questions” in the page of beginning, in which concepts and possible doubts catch on, in every available calculation it is possible to see a demonstrative video of the procedure, with an example realized through. Always we have an image 2D ó 3D with the geometry what we are calculating in the interface of user and a service of consultations online.


Academic and professional solvency. In the production of e-struc technical personnel have taken part with more than 20 years of experience both in the calculation and the direction of work of structures and in the rehabilitation of building. The Technical University of Madrid has taken part in the development of the application. Mail: info@e-struc.com

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