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We have come to our number 13, for much that him in spite of Ángel Nieto, possessing the collaboration estimated and lost interest in Josep Quetglas and Gillermo Zuaznabar. The first one choosing the image for this number and the second one writing the first words that they accompany on the rest of texts. Thousand graces!

It is difficult to write on what so much he has written himself. As it is difficult to construct when it has been done by so many quality. In spite of it the response to this image has been brave and our aim has been fulfilled once again. Because one of the intentions of engawa is to give an opportunity to all those voices that they want to think about architecture without prejudices and without fear of being valued.

Therefore this number is not the monographic one on the work of Grain, if not a number dedicated to the fight. Today, ours, to speak on architecture.

“For the philosophers or the poets, the words also become, and they yes can use words to speak about words. But for the architects the words never become, but practical instruments, problematic, interesting, in spite of which treating of only that one problematic, for them ever: the own facts of architecture.

The speech referred to architecture has to be a flat language. No specialization of slang. Neither philosophical nor architectural, it is adapted, since it would impose his veined one and nervure to the emptying that it tries of obtaining. The pasta for emptyings is always soft and neutral. All the folds and grains belong to the body that exists below.”

What is no the well-read one” J. Quetglas, GG en 2004.

Image proposed by Josep Quetglas

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