e n g a w a # 03

This space is born for the need of writing that they have invisible friends, located in different points of the planet. The topic of each number starts from a chosen image individually and in silence for a member of Engawa, the rest not know it. This action, in herself, avoids to talk of which all talk and it allows the chance specific to a conversation.

by toño adler

The ruin · Rubén Páez

To draw the march of time · Javier de las Heras Solé

Uncharted water · Jaume Prat

Requiem · Pablo Twose

Kerepesi temetö, low memories flagstones · Rebecca Muttel

Flores dead · Eduardo Almalé

+ engawa

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Búsqueda para satisfacer el conocimiento de la actividad arquitectónica y tangentes que se generan. La idea es crear un espacio para divulgar los diversos proyectos en busca de nueva inspiración y de intercambio.

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