What is docstoc?

It is a web platform in which there can be shared documents of any type though preferably professional documents. The above mentioned documents are shared by the whole community and it can be established in diverse categories.

What elements does it contain?

Between the elements that it contains .docstoc they find the lists that come predetermined in the page and some that the own user can create, between them they are:

• List public or deprived of raised documents

• Favorites

• Seen documents

• Complete requests and for completing

What is it possible to do in the community?

In the community of .docstoc it is possible to create a profile that it describes basically to the user and the type of documents that it is going to raise, the above mentioned documents can be public or private.

Other documents that they find in the community can be seen online, comment, to share it, to send it by e-mail etc.

What type of formats can I raise?

After registering, podras to raise any of the following extensions of formats to the page of .doctoc: log, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, rtf, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx and txt.

Advantages of using it

• Very wide searches can be realized.

• There are more than 7.000 files of all the topics.

• An option can activate that you envia to the mail a document for that you were looking.

• It allows to raise several files at the same time.

• You can delimit the márgenes of search.

What to do to create an account?

To create an account it is necessary to to register in Internet in the following page docstoc, after doing a brief record already it is possible to begin to raise documents and share them with the whole community, also it is possible to accede to the portal across Facebook.

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