‘Twelve houses/Twelve histories’

The history of the house, of the home, is the history of the human beings. Of how it was the technical and cultural evolution developed by the man to the hour to inhabit the space. This shows the exhibition \’Twelve houses/Twelve histories\’, and does it through an approach to the house through his surroundings, of the people that inhabit it, of his habits and of his form of life. The sample composes  of photographies and maquetas. In a first section, titled \’Of the cabin to the house\’, offers  a vision of the traditional architecture in diverse geographic zones, with a selection of pertinent traditional houses of the five continents.

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Habits, religion and economy
This selection discovers details on the form of life of his inhabitants: habits, religion and economy. The maquetas present constructions and typologies of traditional houses of latitudes and different contexts: the house kassena African, the house colmena of Syria, the Indonesian house, the Icelandic house, the iglú of Greenland, the Japanese house, the palafitos, the shop beduina and the tipi Indian. A second section, titled \’Twelve houses. Twelve histories\’, presents twelve houses built during the 20th century and that have resulted fundamental for the evolution of the contemporary architecture. All they are reference forced by his radicalidad or by the innovative impact of his proposals and have turned into references for back generations.

Of they Go der Rohe to Koolhaas
Mies go der Rohe in the house Farnsworth search the ideal space, perfect and platonic. Other proposals split of the reinterpretación of the vernacular architecture, an example of this is the Villa Mairea of Alvar Aalto. The house Schröder of Rietveld is born of the criteria compositivos of the movement Of Stilj: the abstraction and the depuración. Kayuzo Sejima Looks for the presence of the light in the light Small House. And the architect Rem Koolhaas, in the Villa Burdeos, reinterpreta the \’machine to inhabit\’ that adoctrinaba Him Corbusier.

The sample, organised by the Network of Itinerant Exhibitions of the Community of Madrid (Network Itiner) will be able to see in thirteen municipalities of the region the next year.

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