To decrease to grow. Walking towards the Decrease

What is going on to him to the current system? What is the Decrease? Which are his origins? What relation does it establish with other movements? That it raises?

These are some of the questions that this book tries to answer, it tries to announce some of the motivations and more or less direct relations that there establishes the movement called decrease with other expressions of dissatisfaction with the current system. Simultaneously that reveals the crisis and problems generated by the existing model, raises the possibility of an alternative, even for constructing and for applying in the different aspects that our company composes.

This book does not claim any more that to be this introduction to a movement that even is constructing his speech in many fields. Precisely for this need to apply to every field what the decrease supports, books like this one become indispensable to give the first step in the knowledge and comprehension of the essence of the movement.

An investigation has been realized on the bows and entails by more ancient movements, in addition it puts in relation on the appearance of these movements with moments of social or economic crises, with demographic, socioeconomic or cultural aspects. A tour is done in addition by books, movies, international meetings and all kinds of elements that could relate to provide to this amalgam of initiatives of a common sense. The concrete origin of the movement is analyzed in Georgescu Roegen’s theses, and in so called  “Report Meadows” for the Club of Rome.

Finally there is gathered what there are exposing nowadays powerful representatives of this alternative to the system as Carlos Taibo or Serge Latouche, or the own applications and constructions social that different groups in different places are contributing in pursuit of the putting in march of feasible alternatives to the current model.

The reader who approaches this book will be able to be a participant of the reflection, the investigation and the synthesis carried out by the author on these topics.

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