Restless asses, infinite seats

Culos inquietos, infinitos asientos Federico L. Silvestre

Jimmy Durham said that the chairs delimit our bodies in order to become essential and that architecture – the holy spirit of a ghostly and elusive entity linked to the State – was in charge of inventing them. In the same way, hundreds of artists and writers have spent decades showing us the role of the most restless asses in the fight against structures and seats, trying to remind us in a thousand ways what we all have below.

How to tell, then, the story of the libertarian asses that mounted the artistic Lodge P2 rising up against so much oppression?

Obviously, with a certain tact and remarkable attention. That, and not another, is the objective of this book; that and its paradoxical lesson: that, just as the pearl proceeds in the clay oyster, so beauty sometimes keeps relation with the anus.

Federico L. Silvestre is a professor of Aesthetics and Art History at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Director of several book collections, he has taught at universities in Barcelona, Seville, the Balearic Islands and Geneva. He collaborated with El Estado Mental and is the author of the books: The virtual landscape (2004), Os límites da paisaxe (2008), A emerxencia da paisaxe (2009), Micrologías o historia breve de artes mínimas (2012) and Los pájaros y el fantasma (2013).

Xiana Cobo is an illustrator and graphic designer. Graduated in Design and Degree in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela, she works in the fashion industry, specializing in prints and surface design. He develops his most personal project under the pseudonym of Walter & Gradiva with which he has published the album La terrible historia de Miros Gombrowicz (2014).

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