CTE: New version of the tool of calculation of the DB-HR

To facilitate the application of the General Option there has developed an IT tool that contains and develops the formulation of the CTE DB HR and that allows to check the fulfillment of the most frequent cases.

The tool serves to realize one to one the checkup of the acoustic isolation of pairs of enclosures to air noise and of impacts or simultaneously and to calculate the acoustic absorption and time of reverberation.

It is applicable to the projects of rehabilitation and existing building.

It is a question of a rescheduling of the previous version of tool of calculation that it turns into an IT application multiplatform that can be executed in the operating systems MacOS, Windows and Linux. The application includes a user’s manual that shows of simple form how it is in use.

The tool incorporates the information of the Catalogue of Constructive Elements and the user can add his own characterized solutions. Have been added in addition new constructive elements that can be habitual in existing building.

The usabilidad of the tool has been improved considerably with regard to the previous versions, overcoming many of the limitations that they were presenting. The introduction of new manners of selection of constructive elements and unions, the group of cases of calculation in projects, as well as the use of other technologies of databases, provide to the new version an improvement a substantial improvement as for the facility of use.

The tool is free and free.

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