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In the context of the zone of cultures to the west of Torrenueva the Morales Farmhouse trees is a modest, but singular property for his antiquity and for his rare genuineness. The estate sails in a landscape trufado of greenhouses, of fish-ponds, of hazas left.

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The challenge of the intervention was consisting of supporting the invariantes tipológicos of the set, preserving the image of the rural building that supports a certain environmental character, increasingly scantily in the Vega de Motril, and of undoubted Patrimonial value in spite of the scanty normative protection.

We raise a rigorous rehabilitation of the principal building, consolidating and re-dressing walls in mortars of lime, and using serrated wood of pine treated to the emptiness and dyed for the structural elements of forged and cover.

To recover the original volumes the barn and the stable were reconstructed, and there was constructed a small dividing pavilion that was sheltering corrals and quarters of equipment. Metallic structure on small slabs of reinforced concrete. Madeira as leit motiv driver of the whole project, in soils and ceilings – in the new work like not structural coating.

Surprises: close to the stables we think that the volume of a small tower was sheltering a former press of oil, with his girder, his regaifa, and his buried vat. There was restored the set, which remains incorporated in one of the resultant apartments, replacing the original vat that has remained exposed at the entry of the farmhouse.

Other decisions of interest: covers of reddish zinc, looking for minimal maintenance and integration with neighboring building; high level of thermal isolation in everything the surrounding one; recycling of gray waters for irrigation; exterior filtering pavements with vegetation; closings great black-backed gulls.

Work: Morales Farmhouse
Location: Motril, Granada, Spain
Architect: Luis Llopis (Bonsai Arquitectos)
Tecnnical architect: Cristina Llopis
Design equip: Carlos García and Dámaso Rodríguez (architects)
Calculation of structure: Manuel G ª Plain amid mountains (technical architect)
Consultancy of facilities: Graeling Ingenieros
Builder: DVS, S.L.
Photography: Javier Callejas
Superface: 358,98 m2c
Year: 2011
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