Summons the XIIIth BEAU. Alternatives

Convocatoria XIII BEAU. Alternativas

The XIII Spanish Biennieal of Architecture and Urbanism is born of the interest for those architectures that raise alternatives of progress in an epoch of recovery of the landscape and of renovation of the urban space of the city and his constructions. Solvent propositions capable of checking the problems which the architecture and the urbanism faces from a renewed and creative perspective. The projects selected for this Biennial show must be a reflection of cultural and social processes of change that concern a panorama to which the Spanish architecture gives response, putting emphasis in his international projection. 

The XIII Biennial Alternatives, it tries to be an engine of reflection and incentive of new ideas for the architecture and the Spanish urbanism, offering models who use as reference to a better management of our patrimonial and landscape resources, and a few cities that offer a major quality of life to his inhabitants.

In response to this situation, the XIII SPANISH BIENNIAL- the institutions that they her promote and his directors-, they try to show the recognition of this reality and to express his support to those actions that better should represent these expositions, as well as the will to confront them and to overcome them successfully.

The works that this Biennial show tries to promote are recounted to the following aspects:

HERITAGE AND TRANSFORMATION. Understood as a concept that includes interventions of different type and scale on the preexistences and on the constructed. The forms of approximation to the history and to the memory, are a fundamental resource for the sustainable development of the cities, as well as an instrument of knowledge and preservation of the collective identity. The importance of treating creativamente the relation between the old thing and the new thing at any time of the history has been indispensable to preserve the legacy of our heritage.

URBANISM: LANDSCAPE AND CITY. The integration of the architectural and urban development project inside the processes of transformation and recycling of the landscapes constitutes one of the most important challenges for the architectural culture of the 21st century. The town planning is born today of the transfers of the agricultural productive space, of the regeneration of the industries and the infrastructures descontextualizadas, or of the integration of the contemporary ruin, between other factors. The incorporation of these questions to the planning of the city and his landscape implies also an idea of new urbanity and the consideration of the public space as strategic place.

INVESTIGATION. SOCIAL TRANSFER. INNOVATIVE OFFERS. We are present at a change in the way of working significantly. There have transformed both basic traditional elements: the authorship and the work. There will be valued the aptitude to investigate and approach solutions, as well as the social and technical transfers that the architecture and the urbanism establish with the company, providing a technical advance according to the territory and the cultural environment in which they agree.

In parallel for these summons other one will open herself on Projects End of Career and Investigation with the possibility that there take part pupils of all the high schools of Architecture of Spain and Spanish studying in Universities of different countries, in recognition of the labor in the academic area.

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