Constructing worlds


It assembles 250 works of 18 of the best international photographers of the history who, from the decade of 1930 to the present day, have changed the way of seeing the architecture and of thinking about the world in which we live. This exhibition is a part of the Official Section of the festival PHotoEspaña 2015.

This sample of photography and architecture in the modern age is organized so much chronological as thematicly and there proposes a tour of almost hundred years across the work of Berenice Abbott, Walker Evans, Julius Shulman, Lucien Hervé, Ed Ruscha, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Stephen Shore, Thomas Struth, Luigi Ghirri, Hélène Binet, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Luisa Lambri, Andreas Gursky, Guy Tillim, Simon Norfolk, Bas Princen, Nadav Kander and Iwan Baan.

Thanks to the work of these artists, the exhibition travels during the XXth and XXIst century to more than one score of countries between those who are The United States, the India, Germany, Japan, Afghanistan or Egypt, between others.

The exhibition is comisariada and organized by the Barbican Centre of London, where it was from September, 2014 to January, 2015, to travel later to the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design of Stockholm in the one that it was possible to visit from February to May, 2015.

As explain his commissioners, Alona Pardo and Elias Redstone, these 18 artists have been selected by “his excellent skill in the creation of images, in which the architecture is simultaneously protagonist and silent witness”. This way, they make clear that the exhibition ” tries to go beyond the aptitude of the photographic way to document the constructed world and to explore the power of the image to throw light on whom we are and on this future to which we never stop giving form “.

For your part, Mónica of Linens, director of the Foundation ICO, indicates that this exhibition is ” one more chapter in the review of all the slopes of the photography of architecture that, for a few years, is carrying out the Museum ICO “.

The artists of Constructing worlds.

Constructing worlds  offers a trip to the visitor for the architecture of the XXth and XXIst century; across the photographies of 18 artists in more than 20 countries.

The exhibition opens with the project Berenice Abbot’s Changing New York that documents the birth of the skyscrapers. Of the same epoch there is gathered Walker Evans’s work, who photographed the architecture of the south of The United States. Already in the decade of the 50, we think Julius Shulman’s photographies that they portray the modern way of life of the California of then. For your part, Lucien Hervé shows us the work of Him Corbusier in Chandigarh’s Indian city.

Later, the exhibition centres on the photographies of apartments and parkings of Los Angeles taken by Ed Ruscha and those of water tanks done by the marriage formed by Bernd and Hilla Becher. Stephen Shore contributes to the exhibition his series Uncommon Places and Yellow Greetings from, whereas Thomas Struth does the same thing with Unconscious Places.

For your part, Luigi Ghirri offers us his vision of the architectural work of Aldo Rossi and Hélène Binet shows us the Jewish Museum of Daniel Libeskind’s Berlin. Immediately afterwards we are Hiroshi Sugimoto’s blurry photographies, Luisa Lambri’s exploration of the interior of housings of recognized architects and Andreas Gursky’s monumental photographies.

The sample finishes with an exploration of cities that have experienced dramatic changes, of Guy Tillim’s hand in Angola, the Congo and Mozambique; with the series Chronotopia and Burke + Simon Norfolk’s Norfolk, which they show as the wounds of the past they are revealed in the architecture of the present; the series Refuge, Bas Princen’s Five Cities, who explores the urban transformation in Middle East; across Nadav Kander’s portrait of the impact produced in the Chinese landscape for modern and colossal constructions; and, finally, with the series of David de Iwan Baan’s Tower.

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