Conference Souto de Moura. XI Semana de Arquitectura

There confers Eduardo Souto de Moura “Recent projects”, during the Week XI of Architecture in Madrid.

Later, one presented the book “Eduardo Souto de Moura at work” for the architect Souto de Moura and the author of the book Juan Rodríguez.

EXHIBITION. “Eduardo Souto de Moura: projects and competitions”

From October 3, 2014 to January 15, 2015

Ground plants

The exhibition “Eduardo Souto de Moura: projects and contests – Madrid”, unpublished in Spain in format and contents, it crosses in a critical way the path of one of the most important references of the contemporary architecture.

The explanatory project agglutinates two routes to understand Souto de Moura’s work, from his projects constructed as the “Restoration of the Convent of the Bernardas”, “Houses you give histories Paula Rego” or “Tower Hamlet” between others and from some of his more relevant contests as “Alta Velocidad Évora” or the “Swimming pools S.J. Madeira”.

The content presents his different scales of intervention across planes, models, photographies or sketches. The set presents one of the most interesting and deep visions concerning the work a man compromised with the company and the territory.

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