Mates of job

The Foundation Barrié will inaugurate the next 7 November in his headquarters of A Coruña the exhibition Mates of job, an own production of the Foundation Barrié that it will be able to visit until 7 April 2013. Likewise, it is programmed that the exhibition travel in the summer of 2013 to the headquarters viguesa of the Foundation.

The próposito of Mates of job, curated by the chair of Representation and Architectural Theory of the Upper Technical School of Architecture of the Universidade gives Coruña Pedro of Flat, is to promote a little usual reflection on the paper of the vernacular architecture like fundamental pillar of the work of an indispensable group of contemporary architects that gave continuity to the bond between the “artisans” of yesterday and the “creators” of today, as it expressed or as you Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, with the words that give title to this exhibition.

It does more than a century that some architects posed  the need to define a clean and sincere architecture that served to relate entirely to the man with his surroundings. Then the tradition was copyright of cultural currents like the historicism and the regionalism, and the half began to suffer unknown changes, conflictive, that deepened  during the social and economic development of the 20th century. Between the mental stagnation around the qualities of the past and the urgency by the present problems, those architects knew to give with the tool of the moment: a model of innovative architecture, of vocation provocadora and historical foundation. But besides, his capacity to open  to the past allowed them learn a lot of things of the rational, austere and coherent laws of the anonymous traditional architecture, that “architecture without architects” that, supported in the rigour of the constructive geometry, obeyed to the simple rules of the materials that found  in his immediate surroundings and followed the infalible experience that had transmitted  during centuries, conforming constructions that are paradigm of the architectural excellence for the architecture of the present.

The sample pretends that the visitor question  how do a new architecture that improve and adjust  to the society that comes, and which has to be the relation between the building, his addressees and the needs of the half. As it is usual, the Foundation will organise a parallel educational program to the exhibition, free, that will include camps of Navidad, workshops for families, visits guided and workshops for pupils.

Likewise, the Foundation Barrié will edit a taken care publication trilingüe (Spanish, Galician, English) in which they collect , in addition to the present contents in the exhibition, documentation and additional texts that complement and enrich said contents.

Distribution of the exhibition
Mates of job, composed by maquetas, texts, planes, projections, animations in 3D and photographies, distributes  in three thematic blocks;

  • Block 1. Transforming the landscape
  • Block 2. The influjo of the architecture without architects
  • Block 3. Suggestions for a new time

Mates of job
Fundación Barrié. Sede A Coruña
Of 7 November 2012 to 7 April 2013
Cantón Grande Street, 9 A Coruña [Galicia, Spain]

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