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“Havana 7. Historias que cuentan” is a project, a cultural bet of the rum Havana Club 7 Years that it produces I pay to the best professionals of the communication and the culture, and that has dedicated his deliveries before branches of the journalism as the critique of cinema, to the comical strip or the investigative journalism, possessing the participation of big names as Diego Manrique, Enric Gonzalez, Galician and King or Sebastián Álvaro.

This first tenth edition of “Havana 7. Historias que cuentan” will be dedicated to honour the journalists of opinion, one of the most long-lived kinds of the press, and especially of the Spanish woman who along his history has possessed illustrious signatures since Watches, Rafael Azcona or Vázquez Montalbán.

“The columnism is the alone one of violin of the journalism”.

Francisco Umbral

Next January 26, from the 20 h in the Theatre Rialto of Madrid, will be a new very special event in which there will inform modals of the columnismo and the gatherings opinions of diverse generations, as Nativel Preciado (TVE, Time), Juan Cruz (El País newspaper), Manuel Jabois (El Mundo, Jot Down) and Rubén Amón (La Sexta, Onda Cero).

The teacher of ceremonies will be Raquel Martos (Infolibre, Cuatro) and will moderate the chat that they will support between yes these professionals, sharing his better experiences and an analysis of his sector of work.

Since always, the conversation will make up with different audio-visual projections; between them, a brief documentary of honoring to Francisco Umbral, created ex-I practise for the occasion and in that former colleagues of the writer will take part; Jesus Nieto, columnist of the newspaper El Mundo and member of the Foundation Francisco Umbral, will rise to the scene of the Theatre Rialto to presenting the piece.

The act also will possess the direct one of the band Havana Club 7 Jazz Band, a degustation of minimorsels gourmet and of five perfect serves inspired by the personality of each one of four referees and the presenter, that they will be baptized by his respective names and will take the rum as a base Havana Club 7 Years, which it coincides with the professionals honoured in his values, in his character and in his bet by the culture. The only party to share with professionals of the first line the back-room of his work, and his better professional histories.

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