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The ancient club remains wrapped by a new structure of phenolic signpost trasventilado with lick wooden to endow to the ancient building of a more complete program. The despiece of carpentry reflects the listonado of the containers of the cargueros. It creates  a new maritime walk in granite of different formats and big wooden terraces of IP.

Antecedents and conditionings of game

The corresponding plot to the building of sportive nautical services of Portonovo locates  in the extreme of the espigón of the sportive port of Portonovo.(Sanxenxo, Pontevedra) The existent building develops  in two heights.

The original building contains changing rooms and warehouses of material for maritime activities, a place of reception, captaincy and marinería in low plant and the social living room, warehouse, meeting room and aseo in first plant.

The limitations of space of the building require a reform and an extension to improve the services that offer  to the users of the installations. The edificación existent has a surface in plant of 114.70 m2 and can inscribe  in a rectangle of 18.00 x 6.60 metres.

The façades of low plant and first  demuelen partially for his modification. From the topographical point of view does not present throw off balance of importance, by what will assimilate  the platform on which situates  the building like flat.

The project treats to wrap the edificación original with a new façade of signpost fenolico of black colour that of the to the Club an image but modern guaranteeing his impermeabilización and isolation in this so exposed zone.

Physical surroundings

The platform in which it assent  is the extreme of the espigón of the sportive port of Portonovo. It has an irregular form in plant with a maximum length of 36.00m and a width of 16 m. The building remains surrounded by the sea in his sides north, east and south.

It projects  a new strolls maritimo of granite with despiezes irregular and some runways of pedestrians in medera of IP flying on the mar.

General description of the Project

The aim of the project is the extension and improvement of the installations of sportive nautical services of the port of Portonovo. For this proceeds  to the demolición partial of the existent building and to the reubicación of the distinct uses in his interior.

Besides it attaches  along his front south a volume with independent structure that offers new useful spaces to the users. The height on rasante, will be adapted to the height of the current cover.

The low plant contains the services of marinería and captaincy, changing rooms, warehouse of nautical material, reception and a café with possibility of independent access.

The first plant contains a restaurant with kitchen, warehouse and aseo and a private living room with a room of reading that will be able to use  for meeting room. Besides a southward open terrace and cover with a wooden pergola allows the opening of the façade to the port.

Both plants remain connected by the pre-existing stairs and by a new elevator. The resultant volumetry develops  in the longitudinal axis this-west allowing two wide façades that open  to the beach of Portonovo (north) and to the port (south).

The access and evacuation of the sportive nautical services realises  from the west through the espigón that is pavimentado for use peatonal. It allows  the approximation of vehicles until the building for supply and urgencies.

Structural system

The structure of the pre-existing building will remain intact. The structure of the volume added will realise  with pillars and beams of armed concrete in a retícula of porticos each 4.20 metres roughly with system of forged of concrete. The cimentación will be formed by a losa of hormigon armed.

System envolvente

The new façade will be ventilated with an internal layer of brick and insulating and an external of signpost type Max external. The façade of the pre-existing building will resolve  with the same signpost. (Signpost type Max External). All the zachada North of signpost fenolico  prefora to hide windows, doors, rejillas of ventilation and fourth sde installations endowing of this way to the building of a unit estetica.

The carpentries will resolve  in aluminium and will protect  to guarantee his durability. The solar factor of the glass, so that it fulfil, does not have to be upper to 50%. The acristalamiento will be double, of drop emisividad.

The pre-existing cover has an inclination of 10% and will isolate  and will protect to guarantee his impermeabilización. The cover of the semi-detached volume will be flat and invested with a slope of the 2 %.

The basic parameters that have taken into account to the hour of the election of the system of cover have been the climatic zone, the degree of impermeabilidad and collected of pluvial waters, the conditions of external propagation and of resistance to the fire and the conditions of acoustic isolation.

The terraces will resolve  with flat cover invested transitable, wooden of IP, composed by a layer of concrete lightened with clay expanded for training of slope on the forged of concrete, two asphaltic plates adhered to the support, felt geotextil, plates of poliestireno extruído type IV of 6 cm., plate of felt antipunzonamiento, plate of polietileno, layer of mortar of 2 cm of thickness and pavimento wooden for outsides. Rejillas And sumideros for drain of pluvial.

Work: Extension and Reform of the Building of Sportive Nautical Services of Portonovo

Autores: díaz & díaz arquitectos [Gustavo Díaz García and Lucas Díaz Sierra]

Promoter: Portos de Galicia (Xunta de Galicia)

Boss of work: Alejandro García Fernández

Constructor: San Jose

Quality Control: Enmacosa

Surface: 465 m²

Year: 2010

Location: Portonovo. Galicia.Spain

Photographies: Díaz+Díaz

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