Cycle nearby architectures 2015: “Project point and new paragraph. And now, how do we follow the history?”

In this new cycle of “nearby architectures” one tries to analyze the situation of the profession of the architects nowadays, analyzing the social reality and the precedents up to the date. Once established the point of item, it will be the moment to stop to think and analyze the schemes and the most traditional forms of work, the resources that we have to our scope, the way of playing the role of other professionals, the general panorama, the worries of the company … and from here, being able to define some roadmaps to continuing or ways for what to be able to advance.

This cycle consists of 4 meetings, in which across an initial exhibition across the experience of several architects or experts in the matter, later to open the debate between all the assistants, with a moderator that synthesizes and coordinates the debate:

1. I Day: “Treading on land. The situation of the architect nowadays _ on February 5 19.00h.

One seeks to establish the current situation of the profession, from the testimony of a study of architecture of major tour and experience, and other one of more recent creation.

2. II Day: “Does size matter? Models of organization of equipments of work _ on March 5 19:00h.

Se pretende analizar los distintos tipos de organización de los equipos de trabajo, tomando como punto de partido la experiencia de un estudio de una gran estructura y equipo multidisciplinar y la de un estudio de equipo más reducido que pueda subcontratar o colaborar con otros profesionales.

3. III Day: “And one more return. Thinking other lines of business _ on March 26 19:00h.

It proposes to be aware, across the experience of several architects who are not employed directly at studies of architecture, of how our formation and training allows us to dedicate us to very diverse activities.

4. IV Day: “Architects 2.0. As we report the architects in the network _ on April 9 19:00h.

It is a question of analyzing the different existing media of digital communication and the use that we make or can do the architects of them. Advantages and disadvantages.

All the days will take place in the room of exhibitions of the delegation of Biscay of the CAVN (Alda Mazarredo 69-71, down. Bilbao), in a distended environment that propitiates the dialog and the interaction between the participants.

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