Charles Correa. India´s greatest architects

Charles Correa (Born in Hyderabad, India on September 1, 1930, dead June 16, 2015) he was an Indian architect, town planner, activist, theoretically and a fundamental figure in the world panorama of the contemporary architecture.

He studied architecture in the University of Michigan and in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after which it established a study deprived in Bombay in 1958. His work in the India shows a careful development, understanding and adapting the modernism to a not western culture. In his first works there uses an autochthonous local style inside a modern environment. The planning of the use of the land and projects munitarios constant they try to go beyond the typical solutions to problems of the third world.

In all his work – from Navi Mumbai’s planning to Mahatma Gandhi’s carefully detailed brief in the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad – it has put a special emphasis in preserving the resources, the energy and the climate as the principal factors at the moment of arranging the space.

On the last four decades, Strap has realized pioneering tasks in urban topics and refuges of low cost in the third world. From 1970-75, he was An Architect Chief for the New Bombay a center of urban growth of two million persons, to another side of the bay of the preexisting city. In 1985, the prime minister Rajiv Gandhi nominated him A President of the National Commission of Urbanization.

Charles Correa died in his residence in Mumbai after a brief disease in the age of June 84 16, 2015.

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