Cerro Rico. Potosí

This picture, “Description of the Hill Rico and Imperial Villa of Potosí”, was realised by the painter Gaspar Miguel of Berrío in the year 1758. It forms part of the exhibition “The Principle Potosí” that during the years 2010 and 2011 visits the ciuades of Madrid, Berlin and The Peace. This exhibition analyses the origenes and consequences of the globalisation through works of art of different periods. It has seemed me interesting detain me in this painting, by the form and detail in as it is represented the territory and the city.

It treats  of a perspective of eye of bird, in which the painter describes pormenorizadamente how were the uses and the urban spaces, where were located, and cual was the relation of the city with his natural surroundings, and with the people that inhabited it. Potosí Was in the 16th century the richest city and important of hispanoamérica and until his decadence in the 18th century was the world-wide centre of production of silver. It is one of the first industrial cities, in which they explode  the natural resources of the surroundings, and whose citizen inhabit it and configure according to some strict sepraciones of class.

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Alfonso Calderón

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