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The project of extension of the San Juan Ostuncalco Health Center is included inside the work of cooperation that Architecture Without Borders carries out from the year 1997 in Guatemala.

The aim of the project is to clear the saturated center of municipal health, where the situation of accumulation and the bad quality of the spaces the minors and the women constitute an inadequate and precarious area for the daily work of the sanitary ones and the attention of the patients, specially for those groups of major risk, gestantes.

Exterior de la ampliación del Centro de Salud de San Juan Ostuncalco
Exterior of the extension of the San Juan Ostuncalco Health Center

With this intervention there proposes itself the construction of a mother – infantile module in the later part of the Health Center, in a small area property of the own Department. The extension will include the following program: a waiting room, two consultations and an area that could be used for diverse uses depending on the needs.

As elements for the configuration of the design it splits, on the one hand, of the spatial limitations, as for surface (190m2) and form of the plot and budgetary (688.967,46 Quetzales, approximately: 84.540 €) and, on the other hand, of a series of determining of use and functioning that they will be, at last, those who shape the project and that we explain later.

First it was important to establish a communication adapted with the existing part of the center of health, so that it was working correctly with the current configuration, but without one saw compromised in the case (very probable) of future modifications of the building. In this respect one proposes a step in the edge of the plot that is sewing the different modules of the center, from the area of receipt, in the frontal part up to the new module in the later part of the plot.

On the other hand, it was necessary to do a structural simple and regular design that was guaranteeing the best functioning before earthquake and that, at the same time one was adapting to the irregularities of the plot. For it it is a question of looking for the major regular and rectangular area circumscribed in the plot, establishing there the principal body, of two levels, of the building and, articulating the remaining spaces as coherent areas and with sense inside the design.

It proposes, of equal way, as point of item to make the privacy and the desirable concentration compatible in a center of attention to sick persons with a few conditions of ventilation and natural lighting adapted. For it there appears the surrounding opaque protective one in the exterior perimeter of the building and arranges of lucernarios and big glazed surfaces towards the interior courts, becoming oxygenated environmental and visually the spaces of wait, attention and meetings.

The center of health attends to a great number of patients every day, on the other hand, the coverage and the activities that there develop are wide and varied; for this motive there appears the need to establish a space with great flexibility that could change easily use and to adapt to the particular needs of every moment. Trying to give response to this point there is designed a wide, divisible and very flexible space in the top level that gives content to all these activities; from the development of workshops and meetings, up to even foreseeing the possibility that it could turn in unexpected or permanent clinics.

Finally, inside the budgetary limitations, it is a question of doing an effort to him in the passive design to offer a few suitable conditions of thermal comfort adapted to the local climate and to the schedules of opening of the center. For them a climatic analysis is elaborated and of soleamiento and there is established a strategy of comfort based on the rapid warming across the solar direct capture across roofwindows in cover and glazed hollows in the south and south-east orientation.

From the coherent conjugation of determining these the center of municipal health is molded in a natural way giving like proved a hard, compact volume, with own character but without stridencies inside the urban set of San Juan Ostuncalco.

From the point of view of the use the center of health comes to provide to the municipality with a few more wide sanitary and suitable facilities that improve the quality of the attention of the most vulnerable population of the region.

Work: Extension of the San Juan Ostuncalco Health Center
Authorship of the project and direction of work: Arquitectura Sin Fronteras España
Calculation of the structure: Espacio arquitectura e ingeniería
The execution director: Ing. Moisés Eduardo Tucux Cua
Built company: C.D.O Constructores de Occidente
Constructed Area: 197,76m2
Location: San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Date: 2015 – 2016
Budget: 688.967,46 Quetzales (84.540€)
Financier: Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the Development (AECID) like part of a mother infantile program of health carried out in collaboration with Pharmacists Mundi, Mugarik Gabe and ASECSA.

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