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Monterroso is a small villa of the interior of the famous province of Lugo for his annual fair, of more than five hundred years of antiquity, which is celebrated the day of deceased.

Since it is in the habit of happening in these cases, the service of the center of health covers a major area that the own principal core of the Town hall, and with a sensitively aged population.

A significant importance acquires, therefore, the alighting-place of buses, located in the extreme northwest of the apple, and probably not so much the possible relation with the nearby municipal headquarters, to the North-East.

The building occupies the totality of the plot. It adjoins in the eastern part and south with urban routes and in the western part with a small green space shared with the mentioned alighting-place. Both the existing slope, and the location of the above mentioned alighting-place they suggest us to accede, to level, for the corner southwest, in such a way that the building sinks lightly and favors not only the soleamiento of the top street, but his reading as wall, more identical concerning scale with the rural environment in which we are.

In this plant of access they find, towards the south, pediatrics, towards the north, the general consultations, and in the center, the receipt, with the auxiliary services behind. Two volumes emerge of the compact construction; the area deprived of doctors, with an emptiness to double height on the principal access, and a lucernario that, with the inlets in the gathering west, they encourage the zone of wait.

Four courts tint the contact with the exterior. In the plant basement there place the woman’s areas, physical therapy, odontolgy and facilities, illuminated and ventilated for these English courts to favor the intimacy of conference.

A constant skin of slate covers fronts and covers, with strategic breaks of steel galvanized in access, courts and principal hollows, and contrasts with the hot interior lined with oak.

Work: Health Center

Location: Monterroso. Lugo. Galicia. Spain

Dates of draft: I compete 2006, project 2009, end of work 2012

Authors of the project: abalo alonso arquitectos. Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso

Collaborators: David Lareo, Manuel Sanmartín, Francisco Vázquez, architects

Structure: Carlos Bóveda, architect

Facilities: Inaec ingeniería

Technical architect: Francisco González Varela

Promoter: Sergas, Xunta de Galicia

Construction: Ute. Chief of work, Samuel Requejo

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages


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