Oroso Health Center | Manuel Vázquez Muíño

Building of rectangular plant of measures 60×34 m, with interior courts of diverse sizes and characteristics. Courts with vegetation that there allow to create interior agreeable environments and a good natural ventilation in summer period.

Access covered to the building across the major court, arranged like cloister concerning the waits of the general consultations. The rest of courts, smaller, with a different character.

Public zones in ground floor, facilitating the movement of the users, and small volume in high plant for zones of use restricted to personnel of the center. You consult with lucernarios, that besides a good natural lighting allow to have crossed ventilation.

Functionality and comfort like those cannot be waived aspects of any architecture: obviedad that sometimes seems that we forget.

Work: Centre of Health of Oroso

Architect (project and direction acts): Manuel Vázquez Muíño

Collaborator: Roberto Regatos Gómez

Structures: Ismael Ameneiros Rodríguez

Installations: Miguel Ces Pérez

Technical Architect: Manuel López Lick

Promoter: Sergas. Xunta de Galicia

Company Constructor: OHL

Dates project: 2008

Date acts: 2009-2011

Situation: Sigüeiro. City council of Oroso. (Coruña).

Presupposed Material Execution: 1.322.610 €

Surface built: 1.636 m2

Photographies: Manuel Vázquez Muíño | Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

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