Mesoiro Health Center | Hermo Iglesias Veiga Arquitectos

Center of health for a new neighborhood. It is a question of one of the first equipments of which there consists this zone of new construction.

Located on a rocky stratum raised on the level of the street the building of concrete and zinc tries to create a new front before the buildings of housings of 9 heights on which it borders, like that his topography allows to realize in the back front a court landscaped which the consultations are opened providing intimacy and lighting to the same ones.

In the main face, where the public zone of the building is located, a gallery is opened towards Mesoiro’s valley.

In this front the structure of seen concrete goes out on the outside to form a vertical parasol that protects from the orientation this one and adapts in every plant to the spatial needs of the zone of waits.

The access to cutlery divides spatially and volumetrically the building in two, one zone of primary and different care of pediatrics, this entry to cutlery is flanked by a few props of glass that identify the building.

Work: Mesoiro Health Center, A Coruña

Author: Hermo Iglesias Veiga Arquitectos (Víctor Hermo Sánchez, Juan Iglesias Babío, Iván López Veiga).

Collaborators: Anabel Ortiz Conlledo

Year: 2006-2010

Location: rúa Os Ancares, Mesoiro, A Coruña

Promoter: Sergas

Construction: Antalsis S.L.

Structure: Francisco Carballo and Carolo Losada

Facilities: Eduardo Gómez Ramos and César Themudo Goday

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages _ Iglesias and Veiga Arquitectos


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