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Antique shed for equipment of fishing, placed on a rock in the batiente of the sea, which rehabilitation joins the uses of store and refuge by means of, in absence of electricity, to cross two technologies that qualify the only space: the natural zenithal light and the disposition of the objects hung and brought closer in him.

The building was a store of equipment of fishing, the only space of more than hundred anuses.

Only two questions qualify it: the disposition of the objects and the natural light.

La técnica empleada por sus constructores y habitantes fue sencilla: cerrar un espacio y colgar y arrimar objetos en él. Los de uso diario, cerca de la entrada y próximos a la luz; los otros, siempre detrás de algo.

The dampness is frequent and because of it the pavement is tinted in a band in front of the entry: stone or concrete and, beyond, wood.

The objects are hung of one on one, by means of bags of network or arranged on platforms of wood. This way it is since it is possible to place something dry floating on unha more humid surface.

We follow these guidelines as new inhabitants and as architects.

We put in the pavement of stone an object multifunction that is separating and bringing closer against the wall of the first testero. It is the kitchen – despensa-almacén-ducha-lavabo-inodoro-escalera and bedroom. The bedroom is a hung soil, which in turn it does of ceiling of the bathroom. The stairs, a scaffolding that separates as object and allows to agree to clean both the interior and the exterior.

Before the absence of electricity we open a lucernario in the cumbrera. We needed more natural light since only we had openings in a front orientated in the western part. It is a topic appellant in the history of the architecture, we literally broke the cumbrera in two, and with her the couples.

Another decision was to place the heat source in the end opposite to the humid thing: a chimney.

From there we arranged the objects for the way for other less stable alternatives of use: the table to eat, her of working, the chairs, the sofas…

Also we remove of the windows any division to do them as pictures that frame the sights. Together with the door and the lucernario, they constitute references to against light of an interior for which they slip with the same intensity, luminosity and semidarkness. A space that it rests on the rock, separatedly and drafty.

Work: Caseta de Quilmas

Authors: Juan Creus and Covadonga Carrasco

Promoter: Juan Creus and Covadonga Carrasco

Carpentry: Forma S.L.

Location: Quilmas, Carnota, Galicia, Spain

Project date: 1996

Dates end of work: 1997

Surface: Surface construída 80m ² / useful Surface 60m ²



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