Glass house. João Batista Vilanova Artigas

Constructed in the same area that the first residence of the architect (1942), the house is placed to the bottom of the lot, inside a garden. Concebida as a linear volume, presents a cover inclined to two waters inside that generates a great vertical clearance in the room of being and the second plant in the end of the building, where a study was located. Supported on pilotis, this glazed space covers a small terrace that realizes a subtle transition between the interior spaces and the exteriors of the house. Inspired by the air levity of the architecture carioca, this project supports, nevertheless, some of the references wrightianas of the first house, as the work of factory of seen brick, and the organization of the conviviality concerning generating centers of heat, as the chimney and the kitchen. It is interesting to observe that, in spite of the domain of the glass surfaces, which award to the house an extrovert character, the room of being is protected by low walls and to be orientated visually towards the study and the terrace of the bottom.

Glass house [João Batista Vilanova Artigas] | arqmireya

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