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Re – thinking the memory.

The opportunity that VEREDES offers to us to publish the house CH_V in his web, has done us to appear the possibility of rewriting the initial memory as exercise of review of those concepts that used as base to our architectural reflection in the conception of this house.

The passage of time in architecture purifies responsibilities and demonstrates lacks and / or successes and in a topic so treated and ill-treated as that of the one-family housing, believe the suitable scene to reconsider the constructed and to validate if the strategies and contained concepts have supported the time and the use.


MEMORY (original project)

The house appears from an abstract conception of the form, one subjective acto who structures the program with criteria of form.

In the first moment of this conception, and consistently, we did not have in mind functional criteria that were giving to us the guideline to project the house, but what was feeding our ” discipline proyectual ” was the tectonicidad of the form, capable of contributing an order to the material (mass) before the architectural thing. (Sculpture – painting) there is constructed so a structure of relations (visual, sensory, etc) that synthesize reasons and values projects.

The plastic presence of the material – color, texture, sheen, quickness, transparency – they are attributes of the constructive elements and those who give the visual quality to the architectural object.

In this first phase we do not want or need to demonstrate the plastic presence of the material thing, but rather allow that the conceived object should turn only into a frozen form.

This term of ” frozen form ” gives us the track of where they have thought up our arguments and reasonings projects.

BUNDLE: (captures – freezes – tenses).

In these circumstances; the program, the place, the environment, the sights, the orientation, purely functional topics of the architectural thing turn here into mere implicit contents to – posteriori.

Reflection and with pressure.

The house CH_V is a project of 2005, which ended up by being constructed between the year 2006 to 2008. Initial premisas of the property, I dress now with the perspective of the time and the accumulated experience, it must us have surprised in his terms of reference but it did not do it (or we did not want to realize).

In a typical emplacement of suburban urbanization, city standard garden, typology edificatoria one-family houses, gardens, swimming pools, life in the nature and clean air …

Our clients asked for a house us that

“It was living towards the interior and was protected from the curious looks of the neighborhood”.

The lot, a rectangular orientated plot north – south and with a bank in his intermediate zone that was provoking a difference between his ends of approximately four meters, turned into our field of experimentation of all those abstract concepts that always we wanted to develop in an object in concretly.

The program, the conventional one in these cases, with the premise it yes, of the ” interior life “, the tranquility and the concentration…

Of item, already we had clear the initial information, the site, the lot, the program and … ” the builder “.

It can seem to be anecdotal (or not …), in this type of small works to start projecting knowing the builder, but in our case it was something positive, because we knew the structural, constructive limits and compositivos in that we could move and knowing also the limits and limitations of the contracted workforce.

In this scene, it is when he receives sense departs what we write in his day in the memory of the project … ” abstract conception of the form ” … that translated to what really we were trying to say understands itself now with another perspective …,

_The house was taking the form that was taking, it would have to be solved by means of a simple structure and closings of brick, simple materials, simple hollows, in end … the simplicity imposed from the construction as basic material in the constructive digest of our builder_

It was at the time when we understood that construction – structure and architectural form go of the hand, they complement each other (already we had tested it in other works); but that a certain constructive system not tape-worm because to limit the formal and abstract freedom with we her wanted to explain and to construct this house, and we try.

Solved the implantation of the house in the lot, determined partly by the regulations and partly for the own program, was not staying but another thing that to provide with apparent form.

The following concepts that were appearing in the memory, “frozen air”, “to construct the emptiness”; they were not any more than the materialization than a speech that was starting being constructed and we turn into spectators of this process of transformation, of this metamorphosis in which a rough, simple object, it was turning into this abstract form for that we were looking … almost sculptural, about that we were speaking in the memory.

And almost without realizing, there appeared this object deposited on the area, a species of surrounding that was bending like sculpture “Oteiza style” and in whose interior folds he was gathering the program of the house.

The surrounding one, which where it was not wrapping was serving spatial limit us of ” air privatized “, of internalized exteriors, or, a species of court limited sometimes by walls and sometimes for “nothing”…

The rest … we think, that the object had so much force expressive that alone we had to give many attention and be attending for what he was asking us in every moment.

Work: Ch_V House
Authors: Joaquín Aguilera, Jordi Guerrero (Aguilera + Guerrero / AGUA architects)
Location: Tarragona, Cataluña, Spain
Project date: 2005 / Completion: 2008
Constructed surface: 440,00m²
Construction: Quiros – Aguilar SL. / Estructuras Torres
Structure: Josep LLuís Serven Pascual
Photógraphy: Pepo Segura


2009. Casa ChV. Catàleg VI Biennal d’Arquitectura “Alejandro de la Sota”. COAC-Tarragona.

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Casa ChV. Obra seleccionada. VI Biennal d’Arquitectura Alejandro de la Sota, Tarragona.

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