California Dreaming. A fascinating history of the one-family housing of low cost across ten unusual biographies


California Dreaming. Una fascinante historia de la vivienda unifamiliar de bajo coste a través de diez insólitas biografías

This book places to half a way between an approximation to the universe of a transcendental group of Californian architects of the second third of last century and the recovery of the experience of the program Case Study Houses (CSHP), and it is a fruit of an investigative process developed in the School of Architecture of To Corunna. In him, we stroll for the creators’ fascinating biographies like SchindlerAinRapsonEames …, simultaneously that we observe the peculiarities of a test as the CSHP, I understand that this relation can turn out to be a suggestive contribution of interest for the architects of our time.

California Dreaming is born with the intention of contributing to a spatial rational vision of the daily life that it faces the peculiarities of the constructed space and his transformation, as consequence of the development of the company from which it arises.

This it should be our way and, to follow it, it ensues from great usefulness to turn our eyes to experiences like that here we gather, learning of them rational and sustainable expositions that should take us to a reunion between the architecture and the company, now more necessary than never.

Is it going to be quite equal after the most serious social and economic crisis in which we are immersed? Akgunos architects we dream that, when it finishes, we have the opportunity to our values rethink and look for more sustainable social and just development, from a major responsibility and social conscience, since in his moment they did that group of Californian architects.

There there resides also the interest of this brief reflection: in the relation between a few architectures often forgotten and our future activity, from a necessary interpretation of the biographies and the offers of that group of architects placed between the most out-standing American designers of last century.

East work complemented itself with the exhibition “California Dreaming”, inaugurated in Museo de Belas Artes da Coruña it gives Corunna on March 9, 2017, and realized on the collaboration of the own museum, of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of the Universidade da Coruña meets and of SUTEGA, to which we are grateful for his interest and generous participation in the organization of the same one.

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