Boletín Académico. Revista de investigación y arquitectura contemporánea [No 2]

One year ago saw the light the first number of Boletín Académico. Revista de investigación y arquitectura contemporánea. With him a new stage was beginning adapting the magazine both to the new mass media and to the requirements demanded by the publications científi cas contemporary. Across the second number we want to consolidate this project, gathering a set of original that attend to diverse present areas of knowledge in the Spanish schools of architecture and offering a wide panorama of the current interests of investigation.

The articles of investigation have gathered in crowds in two areas: the theoretical – historical area, with the contributions of Francisco Javier García Algarra, Francisco Javier Muñoz and Antonio S. Rio Vázquez on the Spanish architecture of the century twenty; and the technological area, with Enrique Antelo Tudela’s contributions, Santiago Sanchez Iglesias, Christopher Crespo Gonzalez, Antonio Raya de Blas, Emilio Martin Gutiérrez and Juan B. Perez Valcárcel on constructive innovations and methods of structural analysis.

There are gathered also three interviews realized to two significant architects of the century twenty and to two investigators on the architecture and the contemporary company: Rubén Muñoz Rodríguez talks with Martin Correa and Antonio Amado Lorenzo with Andrés Fernandez-Albalat, while Carolina Mateo Cecilia assembles in the same forum the architect Andrés Jaque and the geographer Francesc Muñoz. It finishes this number with a summary of nine reviews bibliográfi cas that they analyze from results of doctoral theses up to the publication of project documents, demonstrating the variety and the quality that the publications reach on architecture more recent.

Definitively, it is a question of doing to him a continued, rigorous and effective record of the university investigation that offers our present in order that, across the shared knowledge, we are capable of constructing better futures.

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