Bjarke Ingels, European Prize for Architecture 2010

Bjarke Ingels, architect in command of BIG, was announced this week like the elected for the European Prize for Architecture, which delivers  every year to a visionario and talentoso architect with an important work of contribution to the mankind. The prize is delivered by the European commission of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies. We can say that the reasons are more than evident: Ingels no only has been a clear referent in the architecture of the last years, but besides it represents a young and emergent strength for the architecture of all europa. To his 38 years, this architect is responsible of emblematic works around the world.


The prize will be delivered officially in Madrid the day 5 November in the frame of the “Simpsio of Madrid: The city and the world”.

Works of BIG

-8 House

-Pavilion of Denmark

-Mountain Dwellings

Giuliano Pastorelli

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