Alvar Aalto. Of word and in writing

It is a question of a review on a few transcriptions of recordings effected during his Alvar Aalto’s conferences, gathered in his book “Of word and in writing”. The review will include the topic “Aalto, President dela Federaciónde Arquitectos of Finland”, inside this one it will treat itself ” Finland as model of the world development “, “Between Humanism and Materialism” and “Finland the wonderland”.

In ” Aalto, President dela Federaciónde Arquitectos of Finland “, it exposes that ” The Finnish culture as everything, it has too literary touches; the arts based on the matter and the consequent manual labor do not occupy a part equivalent to the literary one. It does not want to say with this that results should not exist good “. According to Aalto, the worst slice the big sack overcoat specialities like the architecture; the theoretical planning of the cities and communities; the painting and the sculpture.

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