Bartlebooth. The production: Four minor strategies


The things cooks slow fire always work out better. Because of it, after so much reversed time it makes to us a lot of illusion present the fifth experiment of Bartlebooth, newcomer of the press. An experiment that began to be in preparation at the beginning of 2016 and that had us bottled in his production and edition almost ten months.

The production: four minor strategies, it is a collective work where more than twenty-five persons have turned into makers, accomplices, hackers, chatarrerxs, and persons in charge of the success (or I fail) of this new publication on that today it puts to the sale.

This fifth experiment is structured concerning four different strategies by an idea or common denominator. Four minor strategies across which to produce new content being based on the fragments, ruins and debris of the previous thing, which they reject it tabulates it levels and the objects. Opposite to it they propose processes and precarious tactics of resistance. This one is the point of item of the fifth experiment, which across 288 pages he is receiving form across 20 collaborations … texts hackeados, manipulated files, meetings music. This way, 20 collaborators turned into hackers and scrap metal dealers, destructive prominent figures, saboteurs who generated a new material manipulating and destroying mercilessly the ruins and fragments of preexisting contents.

In this number the following persons have collaborated:

Chatarrear | Mengya Yang, Sara Escudero, Pedro Hernández, Manuel Sendón, Ángel Martínez García-Posada
Hackear | Uriel Fogué, Núria Güell, Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Roberto Equisoain, Francisco G Triviño, Joaquín García Vicente
Samplear | Miguel Mesa del Castillo + Juan Carlos Castro, Tatiana Poggi, Luis Díaz Díaz y Eduardo Navas.
No Hacer | Atxu Amann + Rodrigo Delso Gutierrez, Santiago Sierra, Yolanda Pérez Sánchez, Juan Creus, Virginia de Diego

It includes sheet of Mixed Sandwich for the first 50 persons who acquire it.

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