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Everything continues changing … the communication, the marketing and the models of business have gone being modulated up to coming to the moment in which we are, with dozens of social networks and an exposition of the communication in authentic boiling 2.0. We speak about new channels of communication, new opportunities of sale and about the possibility of direct interaction with our clients. To squeeze these tools in our expositions of communication will mark the positioning of the company and his products and services. But, how?

B-web 2011 seeks to give response to these and to all the questions that they assault on having spoken about Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Foursquare, Linkedin or Flickr, across the most renowned experts of the sector. For his two days of duration, they will give themselves appointment in EXPOCoruña name like: Juan Merodio, author of the book ‘ How to start promoting your business in social networks ‘; Juan Paul Bustos, one of the predecessors of the combination of the advertising and the technology; Carlos Blanco, one of the pioneering businessmen in the Internet sector in Spain and founder of Group ITNet; and Javier Pedreira, Wicho, person in charge of Computer science of the Scientific Museums of To Corunna and one of the authors of the most well-read Spanish blog: www.microsiervos.com.

The great innovation of this edition will be the professional Lounge. The zone called “b-linked” will be destined to the location of stands of the companies most distinguished from the sector, where they will announce his products and services. The stands are a responsibility of the arquitecta Ana Gallego.

In addition, b-web will include the following events:

Conferences and Case Studies:: in the so called space “b-updated” there will happen the presentations of different instructors of recognized prestige of the environment 2.0. Names like Gaby Castellanos, Rubén Bastón or Víctor Salgado will bring over the big innovations of the sector. In addition, there will happen the practical cases in which different companies will bring his professional experience over.

Workshops: one of the current needs most demanded by the companies is the development of Socially effective Plan Happens. B-web creates “b-socially”, a workshop expert where they will give the necessary notions to design, to construct and to manage a brand / product in the social networks most adapted for his target.

Networking: “b-twitt” will be a zone of rest where the assistants will be able to connect computers and twittear, favoring the exchange of information between the participants. A point of meeting to share interests, worries and to establish commercial relations.

entrevista Juan Merodio from BWEB on Vimeo.

B-web. On the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2011
10:00 hours to 20:00 hours in EXPOCoruña [La Coruña]
The access to the fair is free.
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