Arquitectura y territorio rural [videos 2011]

The perception of the rural territory of Galicia like a social space, built, does  patent for any one that have looked it with something of attention some time. This construction of the natural, that does  modélica in the materialidad of the traditional architecture, in the unit between the house and the agricultural works or in the conception of the spaces of community, the fields of party or the carballeiras, has not done but suffer a so brutal expansion like descontrolada in the second half of the 20th century. This transformation of big part of the territory in a species of city garden disperses, continuous and on a large scale runs parallel to the gradual abandonment of the traditional logic house-agro-aldea on which structured  the form of life in the rural society.

To this new occupation of the territory, recognised so many times in the called “feismo”, answers the general planing with norms that try it restrict, many times of form acrítica, with an excessive worry by the maintenance of the forms, appearances and bad materials called traditional and with an insistent regulation of the what (can do ) that does not leave place to think on the how (do it).

To think on the glabalidad of this social territory, and on partial appearances of the same that of which has to occupy the architecture like the scale, the activity, the planing, the landscape, the public space, the mobility, the energy, the house, etc. arises this meeting of “architecture and rural territory” . It does it besides from inside this territory, in the aldea of Callobre, in To Estrada, to conform  like a place since emplazar year to year, during the summer, in an idea also of party and community, to the reflection, to the interpretation of all this world, opened to the one who have something that say and to the one who have time also to listen and see what others, inside and out of Galicia, inside and out of the architecture, can explain us.

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