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And I remained amazed. The first thing that happened to me was:

“Architects, architects, what ready we believe ourselves, and we sink before a faucet!”

“It Takes already”.

“To seeing if we learn”.

And I thought about the eternal polemic strictly between ourselves and the engineers.

The architects we are in the habit of leaving the problems to way resolving, almost always because we raise them badly, whereas these avionacos are perfect. In his design there is no an alone mistake.

Our problem is that the architects we can design today a bullring, without having done before any and without having not even idea from what he needs, and when already we start knowing the topic we have to do a cinema. And this way one cannot. Always we are making debut.

In this superspecialized world the architect continues being a “humanist”; it is to say, an apprentice of everything and a teacher of nothing, and cannot compete with any expert. Whereas an engineer takes all his life studying and trying to perfect the flaps before the income in loss, an architect would appear what is a plane, how it can fly, what sense has the flight, etc, and everything more will do a ludicrous drawing to Leonardo da Vinci  (one of the major artists of the history, and probably the worst inventor), and he would say exhilarated:

“Look, it has just happened to me! It is a helicoide to climb over the air. Do you want to prove it?”

“Who, yooooo? I do not even satiate of wine. Not even madman of the head”.

Yes, friends, this way we are the architects. Always queriendo to invent the gunpowder without knowing not how it is exactly an explosion.

Clear, that also I am fed up with seeing projects of industrial ships for engineers. (They make three small stripes parallel bars inclined in every window because, according to them, it represents the glass. And things like that. Sometimes one would say that it is all the same to them eight that eighty).

I am generalizing. I know it. And I am going to spoil it furthermore with a comparison.

Already I told another day that the movie Prometheus disappointed me because it includes very much and does not solve anything, and even more when it is inevitable to put it opposite to the magnificent one Alien.

In my opinion, Alien he proposes a very simple problem. It adorns it with very complex suggestions, but it does not even approach them. It leaves them of bottom, as mere setting. What indeed it approaches is the distress of a few persons who feel in inferiority, and that are enclosed by a killer practically indestructible and invincible monster. This matter is alone. Nothing more. And the movie develops it up to his last consequences.

Let’s compare this movie with the engineers. Very concrete topics, very clear expositions, direct and even extreme solutions. (I simplify, already I know that I simplify).

On the other hand we have the pretentious Prometheus. This curious movie is full of contradictions, since probably it it was Alien in his metaphysical and even biological beginning. But in Alien these problems they were ignored, whereas in Prometheus they are brought to the first plane and pet and handle up to the ridiculous one.

(Attention: I am going to put a spoiler. What little I like this expression. Before it was said “to mangle a movie”, that I like much more. If you have not seen her and think to do it, you jump the text).

A few beings who originate the life in the land. Biological substances, genetic mutations, DNA, God?, the origin of the human being, the oldest millionaire, the eternal youth, the death, what is beyond?, the sense of the life, the love, the relations father – daughter (or son? Woman who has a surgical capsule for his exclusive use and this capsule only admits men). Puff. I get lost. And, which is worse, I get bored.

(Sometimes I laugh, as when a biologist, on the other hand super coward, who flees of any manifestation of life, for remote that is, sees a species of very worrying serpent and caresses her with a cuchicuchi. And his companion geologist, who has a few probes that do forthwith a map 3D of the place, gets lost).

Good. I do not mangle it any more. Neither it is worth it.

Bueno. No la destripo más. Tampoco merece la pena.

Yes it is worth saying that the architects we are little Prometheus.  Always we want to come to the essence of the mystery. We are glad about that to do a house it is necessary to know to the family that is going to live it, and that also it is necessary to know the place, fuse with him and inhale the essences of what be I. An engineer would say:

“a house? So a house. Already it is”.

And it him would draw three rayitas in every glass.

The architects we do not solve the problems because we cannot raise them, and cannot raise them because they are not planteables. There is not planteable a problem which mere technical solicitations contaminate with metaphysics. It is not planteable that with every new building we look for the happiness, the beauty, the pleasure, the functionality, the economy, the solidity, the light, the happiness and the rice with lobster. Not.

Sometimes yes that goes out. Sometimes there is a miracle. But it is not possible to raise a profession as an infallible succession of miracles. It is not serious. It is like to claim that Prometheus was working out interesting and even exciting. One cannot.

José Ramón Hernández Correa
PhD Architect and author of Arquitectamos locos?
Toledo · september 2012


José Ramón Hernández Correa

Nací en 1960. Arquitecto por la ETSAM, 1985. Doctor Arquitecto por la Universidad Politécnica, 1992. Soy, en el buen sentido de la palabra, bueno. Ahora estoy algo cansado, pero sigo atento y curioso.

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