Arquia/Maestros 03 · Juan Navarro Baldeweg

JUAN NAVARRO BALDEWEG. Interviewed by Luis Fernandez-Galiano

JUAN NAVARRO BALDEWEG (Santander, 1939) is especially an artist, whose constructed works chase to uncover the same mysteries that from the adolescence approach his facilities or his linens: the gravity and the light, the matter and the meteors, the body and the landscape.

In the interview in depth that Luis Fernandez-Galiano realizes, this set of artistic and expressive worries are finding echo in the projects, from the early House of the rain and the influential contest for the remodeling of the monumental cornice of Madrid, spending for his numerous interventions and hydraulic and patrimonial investigations, and up to the big works of maturity, the Palace of exhibitions and congresses of Salamanca, Altamira’s Museum in Santillana of the Sea, the Theatres of the Channel in Madrid and the Museum of the Evolution Humanizes in Burgos: a fertile architectural career in which achievements have not been absent out of Spain, of the Woolworth Center of Music de Princeton or the Library Hertziana of Rome to the recent Institute of Archaeology and Amersfoort’s Heritage, you work all who assemble his spatial interests with his very sharp cultural sensibility.

AUTHOR of the LIBRETTO. Luis Fernández-Galiano

He is an architect, project professor in the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid and the director of the magazines AV/Arquitectura Viva from 1985. Between 1993 and 2006 it was at the expense of the weekly page of architecture of the diary El País newspaper, where nowadays he collaborates in the section of Opinion. Member of number of the Royal Academy of Fine arts of San Fernando and of the Doctors’ Royal Academy, is International Fellow of the RIBA, has been Cullinan Professor in the University of Curl, Franke Fellow in the University of Yale, investigative visitor in the Center Getty of Los Angeles and critical visitor in Harvard and Princeton, as well as in the Institute Berlage; and Menéndez Pelayo has directed courses of the universities and Complutensian. He was also the director of the international congresses of architecture ‘ More for less ‘ (2010) and ‘ The common thing ‘ (2012). President of the juror in 9 ª Biennial show of Architecture of Venice, expert and juror of the European prize Mies van der Rohe, has been a commissioner of the exhibitions The private space, Eurasia Carries to extremes (in Tokyo and in Madrid), Bucky Fuller and Spaceship Earth and Jean Prouvé: made beauty (these two last ones with Norman Foster), as well as of Spain mon amour (in 13 ª Biennial show of Architecture of Venice and in Madrid) and The Architect is Present.Likewise, it has formed a part of the juror of numerous international contests in Europe, America and Asia, including those of the National Library of Mexico, the National Museum of Art of China and Israel’s National Library, in the latter case as president. Between his books they tell themselves The modern chimera, The fire and the memory (published in English with the title Fire and Memory), Spain Builds (with the MoMA in the English version, and presented in his Chinese version with symposiums in Shanghái and Pekin) and Atlas, architectures of the 21st century, a series of four volumes.

JUAN NAVARRO BALDEWEG. Interviewed by Luis Fernandez-Galiano

Director of the documentary: Joan Úbeda y Gilbert Arroyo

Author of the libretto: Luis Fernández-Galiano

Year of Production: 2013

Format: DVD

Duration: 78′

Collectiof the Collection: 3

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