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The economy understood as process of containment and reduction to the essential thing, by means of the purest constructive sincerity and formal rationality, characterizes this extension of caniles for the protective association of animals Gatocan.

Architecture of minimums, effective, functional and expressive.

As RAE, economy, entity defines other meanings, of the following form:

1. Effective and reasonable administration of the goods.

2. Containment or suitable distribution of the material or expressive resources.

In this project, the scanty existing resources force to use this concept of economy, understood not only as an economic quantity, but as a process of containment, and of taking the problem to the essential thing. The containment does that the used elements are effective and expressive at the same time, and generate this way an economic system.

The result, it is a sincere architecture, with a basic element of repetition that solves the needs both of the shaggy inhabitants and of the managers of his care.

The totality of the extension, consisted of twenty caniles, divides in two pieces, of twelve and eight cells, which facilitate his correct adjustment to the topography of the area, considering the slope to minimize the movement of lands and generating four courts, which extend the possibilities of walk of the guests.

On the other hand, the pieces of extension focus the vision of the valley, since they are concatenated in height and adapting to the area of the plot, allowing the sights from any point. The connection between the pieces realizes across a stairs that it saves the level sosegadamente following the water-course of the area.

Every canil consists of several zones: the interior one, an exterior cover and other one totally exterior, orientated well to achieve the maximum comfort of his occupants. A distribution corridor exists covered, orientated in the northern part and protected from the predominant winds and from the rain to facilitate the care of the animals. And in the southern part, another corridor leads to the caniles from the disclosed front that is opened towards the courts.

The used materials are what the existing problems solve without artifices. A few walls of block of concrete “split” grooved support a structure of wood of cover on which a sheet rests galvanized, drafty miniwave inferiormente to remove the summer heat.

The own structure of walls of block of concrete generates the rhythmic and rhythmic scheme of the extension, which is finished off in the front by means of the use of grooved block that reinforces the overall view and fades away with the backdrop created by the trunks of the eucalyptuses.

In turn, the sheet miniwave galvanized of cover reflects the environment, accentuating the presence of the sky and changing color with him. These resources play, the blocks and the wood at being forest and the metallic sheet to being a sky.

Definitively, it is a question of architecture led to the essence, economic in all his meanings and attractive in his simplicity.

work: Ampliación de la Asociación Protectora de Animales Gatocan
authors: Fernando Martínez López and Miguel Carballido Pensado [soma arquitectura]
collaborators: Inés García Dintén and Susana Vázquez Rodríguez
promoter: Asociación Protectora de Animales Gatocan
contract: Jose Antonio Suárez Romar
surveyor: Aurelio Gago Losada
surface: 313,60 m²
year: 2011
location: Coirós, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
budget: 225 €/ m²
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