Alejandro de la Sota. Dalla materia all’astrazione

Coinciding with the exhibition with Milan “Alejandro de la Sota: Opere e Progetti”, it presented the book “Alejandro de la Sota. Dalla Materia all’Astrazione”. The edition, at the expense of the Arquitecta and Teacher of the Technical one of Milan Orsina Simona Pierini, socia of the Foundation, assembles texts of Juan Antonio Cortés, Josep Llinás, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, José Manuel López-Peláez and Moisés Puente.

The teachers of the modern architecture in Spain 60 are small, surely one of these is Alejandro de la Sota. Born in Galicia, it studied and taught in the school of Madrid, according to the demonstrated for the recognition that is still alive in the architectural contemporary culture: the figure of his teacher of fact is recognized by at least three generations of Spanish architects. Jack shows us an original location of the architect: in an initial period, in the decade of 1950 linked to the investigation on the topic, of which the house Maple and the Civil government of Tarragona, it objected to the investigation of the lightness, it inaugurated with big technical facilities as workshops or the head office of brand of milk Clesa, and placed in Madrid You Astonish Gymnasium one of his higher expressions. In the later years the esencialidad of big internal emptinesses, in harmony with the technical solutions, the minimalismo one experiences in University César Carlos, but also in projects for the University of Seville, to Alcudia’s urbanization or for Aviaco’s seat. The volume gathers the histories of the Spanish important and critical architects on the architect Madrid, mounted to form a profile that moves from representative urban building, up to the house, spending for the topics compositivos that have characterized his work: respect, balance, structure and emptiness, but also materials and details.

Softcover: 128 pages

Editor: Maggioli Editore

Colección: Politecnica

Language: Italian

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