At the edge of the critique · Session 2: Absent manifests

“…all the historians of the art of traditional orientation, he suffers a trend to value excessively the effect of the books and the theories for the royal creation of the art and the architecture…”

Sybil Moholy-Nagy about Reyner Banham

The first half of the 20th century was a period where the manifests proliferated in a horizon of historical and social changes where the Modern Movement wanted to be protagonist and engine. Many of the forefronts, from the futurism of Of Stijl the press or the magazines used the neoplasticismo as vehicles of diffusion of ideas and certainties that today have eliminated, installed in the constant doubt postestructuralista and the certainty of which there are no handles and references on which to rest beyond the own doubt. Is it possible, in this context, to make some acceptable positions that use as reference to the future?If, as Panayotis Tournikiotis supports in The historiography, most important of the modern architecture of the histories of the architecture that have come up to us and still today we know, they have been realized without the sufficient distance and, furthermore, adapting probably in many cases the facts to the thesis that wanted to defend in them, deforming therefore this way the corpus and the possibility of knowing the real intentions of the protagonists of our most nearby past, it is possible then speak about History with capital letters (History) or it would be more suitable to resign it and the tangle of histories observes simply (stories) that every author has written?

Session 2

-historical Introduction and presentation

Beatriz Villanueva (professor ETSAZ-USJ)

– Invited round table

Beatriz Colomina (Director of the Average and Modernity Program Director. Princeton University)

Nacho Martín (Professor Architectural Association School of Architecture London. Professor University Alcalá de Henares)

Andrés Perea (Professor UEM. Professor Ad Honorem ETSA Madrid)

Mile Hernández Pezzi (Professor title ETSAM. Department of Composition)


Pedro Pablo Arroyo. Director Department of Projects UEM

Location: Espacio Trapézio. Mercado San Antón. Calle de Augusto Figueroa 24. 28004 Madrid.

Date: Monday, on April 29, 2013

Hour: 20:00 h

Commissioners: Francisco J. Houses, Beatriz Villanueva and Ramiro Losada, Project department of the European University of Madrid

Days of theory and critique “At the edge of the critique” organized by the European University of Madrid

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