There exist expositions, manners of life and ways of doing that they propose a relation more balanced between the human being and the planet. The majority of they, nevertheless, they neither have been developed by big companies nor have presupposed governmental high places. In many cases it is a question, on the contrary, of anonymous persons organized in networks, of professionals that they develop new systems out of the market or of individuals who have decided to act for his account. We are called them Agronautas.

Juan Dopico Massobrio and Pez Estudio’s documentary

Agronautas [documentary] is a documentary movie fruit of the first phase of exploration of the project Agronautas. During 2011 and 2012 40 collective experiences were registered, a total of 56 persons who develop initiatives that re-formulate the relation between the persons and the natural way, already be to individual level, in communities or across his professional activity.

Agronautas [documentary] gathers the best moments of these interviews with the aim to spread projects and activities based on the minimization of the human impact on the environment, as well as of the consumption of resources and energy. These opinions and experiences, in spite of his importance as collective benefit, turn out to be often slightly visible for the citizenship. The project is the first step of investigation and tries to open the debate and the reflection on the reformulation of the exchanges of the persons with the environment of a holistic way.

Agronautas [documentary] is registered by free licenses, with the aim to be widely spread.

The documentary is divided in four block thematic: Agriculture, Energy and Ecology, Architecture and Technology, and Politics and Company

Agriculture: There are approached some of the problematic ones and present alternatives in relation to the sector: ecological agriculture, networks of seeds, food transgénicos, agroindustry, groups of consumption, food sovereignty, urban gardens.

Energy and Ecology. Across the testimony of the interviewed “agronautas” a revision is done on topics like the globalization, the depletion of resources, the decrease, the renewable energies, the consumerism, the natural – artificial dichotomy or the balance by the nature.

Architecture and Technology. They propose alternatives in order that the utilization of both disciplines supposes a balance with the nature and with the company. In this respect, the testimonies centre, between others, on the bioconstrucción, autoconstruction, ecoconstrucción, genetic architecture, algorithmic architecture and the new technologies.

Politics and Company. Alternatives appear to the political current system as well as possible solutions to go out of the global current crisis. The horizontal models, the systems of civil participation, the collectivized colonies, the alternatives to the capitalist system or the social movements are some of the treated options.

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