Crystal Curtains: it recreates your home with natural light

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The glass is the material used par excellence to realize a closing in the home. In fact, already during the Roman Empire he entrusted in this material to close his windows, doors or courts for his benefits and his contribution of natural light. If this type of closing goes back to the antiquity for something it will be. This is still equal, which yes has changed is his design, the way of conceiving it and his benefits, which now are major. The Curtains of Crystal are the most effective current model to realize a closing and to support the advantages of an exterior space. Panoramic vision, design, versatility, reduction of energetic consumption and his contribution to the energy efficiency are his principal advantages.

The Curtain of Crystal is the perfect element to recreate the exterior space, contributing major design and allowing completely the entry of natural light. Thanks to the process of moderated of the glass with which the curtains are made it is possible to play with the light to recreate the space and contribute to the energetic saving, besides his benefits for the own health. Acristalia eis a specialist in this system of closings. It makes, distributes and installs curtains of crystal offering the best advice of form personalized for a made made-to-measure product.

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Already it is a Sliding Curtain or Curtains of Crystal, the system of closing without vertical profiles allows to enjoy a panoramic complete vision without visual impact. For the variety in his products it is possible to adapt to all kinds of forms and spaces. Of this form the terrace will remain opened on the outside still being closed. The entry of natural light and the connection with the environment that makes a detour to the home contributes to the liberation of stress and conciliation of the rest that becomes so necessary in a routine life.

At major entry of light, minor I use of the electrical installation. The use of the air conditioning or of the heating diminishes considerably thanks to the types of glass with insulating effect as under emisivo, that allows the entry of light reducing his effect in the temperature of the home both in summer and in winter. Because of it there are great the Spanish and foreign homes that they have bet already for this system of closing to recreate his spaces and to allow the entry of natural light. The better of the product is that it is possible to install to him in any part of the country independently of his climate. In fact, there are facilities of this type in countries as diverse as Russia, France or Morocco.

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His composition turns out to be one of the most important aspects at the moment of be deciding by a closing by glass since it is a highly sustainable material that he contributes, in addition, to the energy efficiency. This option fits perfectly in the new conception of the building and home to make them more sustainable. Ultimately, the question is to enjoy this exterior space all the year round, giving him a current aspect and contributing to the sustainability of the home.

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