The next weekend the [Palexco] and the Newsagent Alfonso will take in an important appointment with the Galician culture, [AchegARTE]: The Culture that do. The culture that want propelled for the Concejalía of Culture of the Municipality of La Coruña.

The summons departed of an association of people that demanded of the Culture Department the reissue of the [Culturgal], an event that thousands of people gathered in the city around different demonstrations of our culture.
The Concejalía of Culture of the Municipality of La Coruña echo was made of this collective and disinterested initiative, contributing his support and summing also the support of the Area of Economic Promotion of the Vicepresidency of La Coruña city council to do reality between all and all this proposal. “An important initiative to give visibility to our culture, to spread her and above all to prove that has a decisive weight in the national economy” just as it emphasized the Culture “Councilor because the culture generates richness and employment and because the investment in culture is always profitable long-term”. In this souk/holiday of the culture over the weekend will have space for performing arts, visual arts, the music, the book, the audiovisual one, dances her and sociocultural services.

[AchegARTE] is reasoned as a meeting space, of experience and diffusion exchange of the culture that do. An opportunity to know one shows of the wide Galician cultural supply. In this appointment with the Galician culture you will be able to enjoy our theatre, the music, plastic arts, the audiovisual one, dances her, the sung and spoken word…. but also will be the place where buying the book that searches, the music that you likes, the film that does not dress, gifts of the Nadal; or the occasion to do an illustration workshop, of dances, of music, of theatre, of paint or magic, for big and small. A programming suitable for the general public.


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